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Our Story

Nah Hannah was born in Mexico, home to some of the finest, healthiest and most versatile crops in the world. 


After a long trip to the ancient Mayan cities of Palenque, we met a distinctive group of people descendants of this remarkable culture. This community, warm-hearted, welcomed us with open arms and invited us to learn more about their ways of living where family and food are the most important things.

An elderly man said, “Your family is the most important thing in your lives and providing quality foods is a reflection of that love, Nah Hannah for you and your family.” Nah Hannah (“house of food” in Mayan) is a way of wishing food abundance for your family which will bring longevity and prosperity.

There is not much left remaining from these ancient cultures and what remains is slowly disappearing. Nah Hannah is our devotion to preserve as much as the eating and family culture that once thrived during these prosperous times.

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